The Cyclone Seat

A portable seat for everyone and everywhere.

What's so great about the Cyclone Seat?

• Holds up to 450Lbs

• Adjusts in seconds

• Weighs only 2.5lbs

• 18 inches tall when extended

• Seat diameter is 10 inches

• Six (6) color choices

• Durable

• Comfortable

• Adjustable shoulder strap

• Easy carry handle

Do NOT stand or jump on the seat, it is not safe to do so.

Great for anyone and everywhere: Hunting, fishing, camping, boating, RV life, car shows, auctions, real estate, painting, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, parties, concerts, sporting events, musicians, artists, motorcycles, fairs and festivals, auto detailing, animal care, tailgating, gardening and so much more.

To open seat: 

1. Place thumb and index finger into the two holes on each side/end of the closed seat.

2. Pull both ends outwards until the clasp clicks into place (locked). The seat is then ready for use.

3. The seat can be adjusted to your desired height. Please do NOT use the seat as a stepping stool!

To close seat:

Insert thumb and index fingers into the holes at each end of the seat. Pull both ends out to detach the clasp (unlock) and rotate counterclockwise to collapse the seat for storage.

About Us

The Cyclone Seat is one of Horizon America's newest products! We have been offering top quality home and garden products for over 30 years.

You see the seat at Home, Boating, Aviation, Garden, Flower Shows, and local garden events demonstrating, displaying, and retailing our products. We have independent representative resellers at consumer shows from Miami to Maine, San Francisco to Savannah.

Horizon America has designed, manufactured and distributed some of the best products in the garden, boating, and aviation markets since its inception.


Cyclone Seats are warrantied against manufacturers defects for one year from date of purchase in the USA.

A receipt or proof of purchase (credit card statement) is required for all warranty claims. If you have lost your receipt, we will replace the seat one time at 1/2 price. 

We cannot provide refunds if you did not purchase your Cyclone Seat directly from us.


Primarily you will find independent representatives at trade shows in your area selling our seats, or you can order your Cyclone Seat on-line.

Our warehouse and storefront are open select hours. We're happy to have you visit the storefront but please contact us prior to visiting as we may be at a show!

Mailing Address

70 Rockbridge Road SW Lilburn, GA 30047

Monday - Thursday (we often travel for shows Friday-Sunday)

9a.m. - 4p.m. EST